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Fee Schedule

This fee schedule is effective November 15, 2019


Checking Account Fees
Check Order Varies
(Free Spirit Members - 1 free box per year)
Starter Checks per page (12 Checks free) $2.00
Discretionary Pay Overdraft (each item) $30.00
Returned Draft/ACH - NSF (each item) $30.00
Stop Payment Draft/ACH (per request)* $30.00
Copy of Check (per check)* $3.00
Monthly Account Maintenance* $0.00
Overdraft Transfer From Savings or Line of Credit (per item)* $0.00
Monthly Business Account Maintenance $7.50
Monthly New Beginnings Account Maintenance $10.00
ATM/Debit Card Fees
Card Replacement Request* $10.00
PIN Reorder Request $3.00
Balance Inquiry (each) (5 free/month) $1.00
Withdrawals (5 free per month) $1.00
Debit/ATM Card Rush Order $50.00
Pull/Re-address $5.00
Overdraft if opted in (each item) $30.00
Temporary Limit Increase $0.00
Visa Credit Card Fees
Statement Copy $2.00
Duplicate Card Request* $10.00
Late Charge (per month) $25.00
Card Capture $0.00
Credit Card Replacement Rush $50.00
Loan Fees
Consumer Loan Late Charge (per month) $25.00
Home Equity Loan Late Charge (per month) 5% Pmt Due
Lien Verification (each piece of collateral) $0.00
Loan Modification $25.00
Loan Subordination $100.00
Assumption $100.00
Payment by Phone Employee Transfer $3.00
Payment by Phone Debit/Credit Card $10.00
Payment by Phone other Fin. Inst. $5.00
Replace Phone Payment Book $5.00
Repossession Cancellation ($100) Pass-Thru
Auto Repossession ($400) Pass-Thru
RV Repossession ($750) Pass-Thru
Business Loan Fees
Business Loan Application $300.00
Business Loan Origination 1%
Business Loan Document Pass Thru
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Fees
Annual Account Maintenance (per account) N/C
Account Closing $0.00
Wire Transfer Fees
Domestic Outgoing (each) $20.00
Foreign Outgoing (each) $30.00
Incoming Wire N/C
Legal Fees
Levies, Writs & Garnishment (each) $50.00
Miscellaneous Service Fees
Online Bill Pay $0.00
Inactive Online Bill Pay (per month) $0.00
Mobile Text Banking (per text) $0.00
Phone Transfer (per transfer)* (No fee charged if CU*Talk or online banking is utilized) $3.00
Cashier's Check (each)* (Free Spirit Members - 1 free check per month) $3.00
Cashier's Check Stop Payment $30.00
Member check replaced w/ Cashier Check $20.00
Money Order (each)* (Free Spirit Members - $0.50) $2.00
Traveler's Card (each) $4.95
Gift Card (each) $4.95
Reload Fee $2.95
Check Cashing Fee* (Less than $200 in account, over 18, no other services) $3.00
Mailing a Paper Statement $0.00
Statement Copy / Activity Printout (per page)* $1.00
Current History up to last 30 days $1.00
Foreign Item Deposit (each, plus Bank Fees) $5.00
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid (each) $15.00
To me/from me or "Cash" Check Return Item $30.00
External ATM/Shared Branch Returned Item $15.00
External ATM/Shared Branch Adjustment Pass Thru
Account Balancing $25.00
Account Research $25.00
Dormant Account (inactive 1 year) $10.00
Account Closing Fee (within 6 months) $5.00
Escheatment of Funds $50.00
Returned Mail / Bad Address (per month) $10.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee (each item) $5.00
Share Account Maintenance Fee (per month)* $3.00
Verification of Deposit $5.00
Outgoing Fax/Copies $0.00
Reopen Closed Account (in last 5 months) $0.00
Skip-A-Payment $20.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (Waterford branch only)
Sizes and Prices vary. Annual rent fee.
Please call for details.
Waterford-Highland Rd. Branch Only.
Additional Fees (if applicable)
Drill Fee (if applicable) $200.00
Key Replacement (if applicable) $50.00
Late Rental Fee $25.00

Creating relationships that are beneficial for member-owners is the focus of BBCU. Many fees may not be applicable to you.
*May be waived based on Gividends tiered service level.