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Gividends Membership Rewards Program

Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union’s Gividends rewards program is designed to offer you rewards based on your credit union relationship. Gividends is an exclusive BBCU program that provides benefits such as free or discounted services based on your level of participation in the credit union. Points are scored on the usage of BBCU services.

Gividends Rewards Program rewards account activity, as well as deposit and loan balances. Using products such as checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards, loans, mortgages and retirement accounts contribute income and strength to the BBCU cooperative. When you use these products to manage your household, you are investing in the credit union, which allows BBCU to provide you with more benefits.

While we strive to run the credit union efficiently so that we can offer good value to all members, the Gividends Rewards Program is designed to provide the greatest value to those who make the greatest investment in the BBCU cooperative by using BBCU’s products and services. It is easy to achieve a level in the program where you begin to earn rewards.

At the beginning of every month we take a look at your activity and participation with BBCU over the previous month. We look at things like what accounts you have, your overall account balances and status, services you’ve used over the month like direct deposit of your paycheck or online banking, and enrollment for special services like e-Statements or online bill pay. Each product or service is awarded a certain number of points towards your overall score. (Things like past-due loan payments or overdrawn saving accounts will subtract from that score.) Once your score is calculated, you become eligible for all of the benefits for your particular participation group throughout that entire month. For example, when your score is calculated on May 1st, it is based on your April activity, but you get the benefits throughout the entire month of May.

Remember, the more you use our products and services, the better the rewards!

Four Levels of Rewards

Free Check Cashing
Free Debit Card
Free Notary Service
Free ATM Transactions at BBCU ATM Machines
5 Free Withdrawas from non-BBCU owned ATMs
Free CU*Talk Telephone Teller
Free ItsMe247 Online Banking
Free Mobile Web Banking
Free eStatements
Free CU Shared Branch Access
Free CU*Easy Pay Online Bill Payment (50¢ each additional over 10)  
Waive Monthly Savings Account Service Fee (waived with an active checking account)*  
Free Account Histories  
Waive Monthly Checking Account Service Fee    
Reduced Domestic Wire Fee    
Free Money Orders**    
Free Cashier Checks**    
Free Phone Transfers    
Free Statement Copies**    
Free Overdraft Transfers from Savings      
Free Plastic Card Replacement      
Free Fax Service      
Free Travelers Card**      
Free Stop Payments**      
Reduced Safe Deposit Box Rental Free      

* Monthly savings account service fee is also waived for any member who is a minor, or has any of the following with BBCU: a loan with a balance, a credit card, a mortgage, a checking account, or an aggregate deposit balance of $1,500 or more.

** Limit of 5 free per month

BBCU Gividends Point Scale

Primary Financial Institution
PFI Account (checking) 75
Length of Membership (every year of membership after 5 years) 5
Member Savings
Additional general savings products 25
Non IRA CDs 25
IRA share & CDs 25
Super Saver 25
Checking with a negative balance 0
Savings with a negative balance -300
Aggregate Balance up to $999 10
Aggregate Balance $1,000 to $4,999 25
Aggregate Balance $5,000 to $14,999 50
Aggregate Balance $15,000 to $74,999 100
Aggregate Balance $75,000 and above 150
Member Loans
Commercial Real Estate Loans 50
Home Equity Loans 50
All other loans 25
Loans 1 or more months delinquent -500
Aggregate Balance up to $999 50
Aggregate Balance $1,000 to $4,999 75
Aggregate Balance $5,000 to $14,999 100
Aggregate Balance $15,000 to $29,999 150
Aggregate Balance up to $999 10
Aggregate Balance $1,000 to $4,999 25
Aggregate Balance $30,000 and above 200
Mortgage Loans 200
Self Service
ATM - Active 50
Debit Card - Active 50
Credit Card 50
CU*Talk 25
Online Banking 50
E-Statements - enrolled 100
Bill Payment - enrolled 50
Self Service
Payroll with Deposits of at least $300/month 25
ACH with Deposits of at least $300/month 25
Transfers via AFT - active 25
Loan Payments via AFT - active 50